christos anesti

Christ has risen. Christ has risen indeed.

So what do we do to celebrate this momentous occasion? We go to Shana Nicole’s on Easter Eve to celebrate.

I was lucky enough to go home for Easter and to catch up with my wonderful friend, Bekah Ann Laret. We went to one of the two only bars of Hollidaysburg on a Saturday night. I saw so many people I would never expect to see ever again or to be honest, don’t really care to see ever again.

I go in…already..two bartenders from my high school. Three people from my neighborhood, three friends of my sister, seven people in the grade above me, my sixth grade boyfriend of one day, two twirlers from the marching band, my spanish teacher turned pro wrestler, one of my world traveling companions, a thirty something year old that is a brother to my sister’s high school friend….need I go on?????

Being in my home town, I had never felt so less at home. It was pretty affirming that I can’t go back. I can’t go to a public place and recognize 75% of them while only remember 25% of their names. I sat and talked with someone for about a half hour knowing that we were in some stupid 8th grade murder mystery musical where the murder occurred with a pencil in his ear (yeah..really stupid…) but I couldn’t remember his name for the life of me…ugh.

Anyway…Bekah knew everyone and was chatting up a storm while I sat awkwardly. Oh central Pennsylvania..I may miss your mountains, sheetz, the meadows, Raystown Lake, and my dogs but I’m sorry to say I cannot return.

Before we left the bar, we went back to one of our good high school friends. We concluded the night with Christ has risen! He has risen indeed. My friend with her Greek background said christos anesti.

Christ is risen and he shall return again. I am not Christ so I feel little obligation to return to my hometown. You have raised me well, Hollidaysburg, maybe in many years I can come to live and enjoy your quirks but for now, I am satisfied and content where I am. Thank you for the choice of freewill so I can freely will not to return.


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