Sense of Purpose

Woah. Prettttty big title. Feeling a sense of purpose. Recently I’ve been struggling with what that really means. If you know me, you know that I quit a camp job working with Special Needs at a camp known all over Michigan and Indiana. I then applied for a job as a Health Officer (nurse) at a camp that works with racial reconciliation.

Why did I choose one over the other?

I feel like a jerk the more and more that I think about it. SpringHill is known for an impeccable reputation of bringing a week of fun and full of Christ centered activities. I hear over and over again that it’s a great camp. It’s also over $600 dollars for a kid to attend camp. Here’s the jerky part…I almost feel like it’s paying for a child’s salvation. woowwww I’m a jerk and deserve a slap in the face. I went to camps like this as a child. I know that everytime I went I was convicted and wanted to change my ways. That’s what camp does. I also wouldn’t be the person I am without those camps but the people that really changed me were family and close friends that challenged me. Camp secludes you from your real life and let’s you take a good look at who you’ve become. As a child, you are developing and figuring out many things like your parents aren’t perfect or your friends don’t care about Christ as much as you thought. Anyway…camp becomes a time for self-reflection and very few can leave without feeling challenged. Now back to $600 dollars being a pretty large sum..

Camp tall turf…I don’t know much yet about it. I know that I’m going to be tackling greater issues than just…Jesus loves me right? Most of these children are from Grand Rapids and we bus them out to the middle of nowhere. Some of them have never seen woods before. Woods! That is where I loved to play as a child. I know I was blessed. I wish the same blessings on these children. I hope to share joy, laughter and love with them. This camp is also on a sliding scale…it can be $20 for the lower income families and their child gets a full week of camp!

I choose this job because I felt a sense of purpose and felt this was where God was calling me. When obeying God, you expect challenges but I did not expect it to come from my family. Changing positions made it extremely difficult for me to go on our family vacation. I don’t think they understand how important this is to me. I find it completely surprising but I also have never missed a family vacation. I do not want vacation to come before my calling as a Christ follower. I can sacrifice this one experience to give these kids an experience of a lifetime.

I hope to update on some of my experiences at camp as I move forward in becoming the health officer.


christos anesti

Christ has risen. Christ has risen indeed.

So what do we do to celebrate this momentous occasion? We go to Shana Nicole’s on Easter Eve to celebrate.

I was lucky enough to go home for Easter and to catch up with my wonderful friend, Bekah Ann Laret. We went to one of the two only bars of Hollidaysburg on a Saturday night. I saw so many people I would never expect to see ever again or to be honest, don’t really care to see ever again.

I go in…already..two bartenders from my high school. Three people from my neighborhood, three friends of my sister, seven people in the grade above me, my sixth grade boyfriend of one day, two twirlers from the marching band, my spanish teacher turned pro wrestler, one of my world traveling companions, a thirty something year old that is a brother to my sister’s high school friend….need I go on?????

Being in my home town, I had never felt so less at home. It was pretty affirming that I can’t go back. I can’t go to a public place and recognize 75% of them while only remember 25% of their names. I sat and talked with someone for about a half hour knowing that we were in some stupid 8th grade murder mystery musical where the murder occurred with a pencil in his ear (yeah..really stupid…) but I couldn’t remember his name for the life of me…ugh.

Anyway…Bekah knew everyone and was chatting up a storm while I sat awkwardly. Oh central Pennsylvania..I may miss your mountains, sheetz, the meadows, Raystown Lake, and my dogs but I’m sorry to say I cannot return.

Before we left the bar, we went back to one of our good high school friends. We concluded the night with Christ has risen! He has risen indeed. My friend with her Greek background said christos anesti.

Christ is risen and he shall return again. I am not Christ so I feel little obligation to return to my hometown. You have raised me well, Hollidaysburg, maybe in many years I can come to live and enjoy your quirks but for now, I am satisfied and content where I am. Thank you for the choice of freewill so I can freely will not to return.


“Yer daddy never warned you about dem truckers?”

Unfortunately…no. Today on the shuttle bus to my car. I had a nice conversation with the bus driver. He mentioned that he used to be a semi-truck driver. The only thing I know about semi-truck drivers is from a show called ice truckers. I brought that up and he went on a rant…He talked about the attractive ice trucker lady..apparently that’s unusual. He moved on to speak how at truck stops there are women that knock on your door and ask if you want company… aka prostitutes. The man goes on to say, “You would make millions, if you were a prostitute! Not to offend or anything.”

Am I offended? I don’t know. He could have said worse things I suppose?…

Let’s Go Pitt!

Well this weekend I ventured back to my homeland of Pennsylvania. I was lucky enough to spend Friday night with my mom who recently broke her leg over the spring break (I’ve been meaning to tell that story but was so thrown by all the sex talk in class that it ended up taking priority…yes I know..I’m a great daughter.)

After a calm Friday night, I headed to Pittsburgh in the morning to have lunch with my high school YoungLife buddies. My high school YoungLife leader is one by the name of Josh Lucas. He’s awesome.

Exhibit A.

I would also recommend any of jlucas22 videos especially I’m on a Bike and anything with Rusty. (I’m also in a couple if you can find me.) Unfortunately, he announced at our lunch that he’s finally dating someone. In the words of Justin Bieber, “There’s going to be one less lonely girl.”

After my lunch, I hung out at Kevin, Isaac and Andy’s place watching the Jersey Shore reunion. I was very impressed with the civility they showed especially while comparing their tans.

I then walked to my first Glee Club concert!!! Unfortunately it focused on classical music except for some ending Beatles tunes and there was no dancing. The show Glee is all a lie. sigh…I guess I have to realize it’s not realistic eventually. Anyway, I went to support my wonderful friend Jared Wilson, president of the Pittsburgh Men’s Glee Club. Impressive. He is also going to Drexel University in Philly for his PhD. dannggg. If you never knew Jared Wilson, he is the one that originally made fun of my hands, my height, and me in general.  He’s created a wonderful introduction for me…Sarah Gore, she’s over 20 stories tall, she bathes in the great lakes, she jumps from continent to continent, she eats babies for breakfast! (Luckily, I now go to a school where 5’10” is normal) This is the essence of our relationship..

I headed back to my friend’s apartment for the PJ party. I didn’t feel like going to my car to get my PJs soo I was lame. We played some drinking games, danced, and I got to meet some of their friends and even Kevin’s girlfriend! Kevin and I were very tight in high school so I was surprised at this tidbit of information. I’m glad I got to catch up with these awesome people. The party was like any typical Calvin party. I was asked a lot about why I didn’t have a cup in my hand. Apparently that is very unusual. I played my share of drinking games but I had long drive in the AM. Erin unfortunately had work at 7am but that didn’t keep us from staying until 2am. We got to chat a little before we went to bed. She’s sooo amazing. I miss her.

Morning: I headed to Starbucks to see my younger friend Haley. We played in the marching band together. I can honestly say I would not be close to the person I am today without her. We got to catch up and we swapped some stories.

Last but not least…I had lunch with my old youth minister, Chris. He got horrendously lost and met me an hour after our arranged time. haha oh well. We chatted for a while. He’s getting his masters at Pitt Seminary right now and working at a winery. Pretty awesome to me. We talked about denominational differences and political assumptions in the church. He’s given me some amazing references for almost every job I’ve applied for. (Sorry I’m getting sappy…) He’s been one of the most influential people in my life. I did enjoy the waitress’s seizure-like reaction when he asked for some dessert to take home to his wife. eh…what can you do? People will make assumptions if a girl and a guy go out.

Anyway, I’m now safe and sound in Grand Rapids. I have Chicago this weekend…there are almost alwayyss interesting stories that come from a weekend there. Can’t wait!

Let’s Talk About Sex.

Yes…I knew that would catch some of your attention.

Well if you don’t know, I’m in nursing school. I just began my OB/GYN rotation. oh joy.

We experienced orientation this week. It consisted of watching some very informative films. The first of which was titled…The History of Birth. Conclusion: It was a nightmare and will haunt me forever.

Ever wonder how the birthing process has changed over the years? Well, let me enlighten you.

  • They used to crush bed bugs and put them in your vagina to stimulate birth. They also thought blowing scented smoke would be helpful…sound pleasant?
  • There was a belief that the uterus was an unattached organ that could travel around in the body. It was thought that when it bounced around inside the body, women became hysterical.
  • Men used to be forbidden to witness women give birth. Apparently, a man dressed up as a woman in the 1800s to be able to watch. He was discovered and burned at the stake….
  • They also showed all the wonderful tools they used to use to get a baby out when it was stuck with some nice ominous organ tones. They were trying to set the mood I suppose.
  • Last but not least..the dreaded forceps. The routine procedure began to use chloroform to knock out the mother and just pull the baby out with forceps..


Anyway…The next video is the one we’ve been waiting for…Vaginal birth.

Let me sum it up for you: There’s a lot of screaming, moaning, and pushing. The vagina opens obscenely large for a baby to be pushed through. The husband was quiet and horrified most of the time. The absolute worrsstt part…after the head was out..the doctor looked like she was tugging and pulling the head in every which way to get the baby out. It was seriously disturbing but finally the baby was out and crying…sigh of relief.


next video: health assessment on a pregnant woman.

Cool things: figuring out the baby’s position from feeling the belly

Gross things: just anytime I see the speculum…I kind of freak out. If you don’t know what that is…

Your worst nightmare


Luckily, I have never had to experience one before…I think you are supposed to have regular visits to the gynecologist once you turn 18…woops. I’m not too upset.


Last but not least for our OB/GYN orientation: Sexual Education!!!

…which consisted of us talking about how we should talk about sexual education with clients. Pretty boring. Oh well.


Thanks for sticking through some of these wonderful subjects. I’m sure awkward moments are going to arise during this clinical rotation. I look forward to sharing.


Spring Break Marco Island Style

um…if you know anything about Marco Island, it’s for rich families with time shares. Clearly not the most exciting Spring Break imaginable but it had a beach so I was there.

Leaving dreary Michigan, it was around 70 (usually warm for this time) to go to 85 degree weather in Florida. As girls, we surprisingly convinced ourselves to share suitcases. 4 girls with 2 suitcases. I ended up only using 1/4 of the suitcase. What?! That’s frugality at its best. I brought 2 dresses, 2 shirts, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts and a swimsuit. I cannot express the disbelief I had that it was possible but I survived the week without smelling. (It helped that we had a washer and any condo on Marco Island should.)

Lesson: Frugality is worth it. (25 dollars to bring a suitcase…ridiculous)

Besides the financial benefits of being frugal, I think it’s a very beneficial lifestyle. I may not live it out yet but I’m taking small steps to get myself there. I understand America’s economy is based on consumerism and debt but I do truly prefer a smaller lifestyle. Thrift store shopping, buying local, biking to locations, using the bus…small changes but I really am working hard on changing a lot of things in my life…I still need to get a bike. I have to buy at least one more thing…

On the flight, I was lucky enough to sit with this lovely older couple. We ended up really hitting it off. I did some serious flirting and ended up with their son’s phone number by the end of the flight. Yes that’s right. Parents love me. I thought that possibly I had found a pretty great catch. From what they told me about him, he liked to have a good time but was very sensitive. He’s hard working and is going to school to be an engineer. The parents had some red wine so I knew they liked to go out too. It was like a dream come true. I, being of the 21st century, used Facebook to decide if this guy could be for me. Sadly, my extremely creepy facebook stalking led me to believe that this could never be a man for me. He had a horribly tacky initials tattoo and to be completely honest…he was pretty fugs. Sigh oh well. I will just miss out on some awesome in-laws.

Lesson: Attractive parents usually have ugly children.

So…I know this isn’t true all the time but the kid isn’t usually as attractive as their parent which drives the perception that they are ugly…or they are just straight up ugly. (also I’m kind of kidding about this…kind of.)

My parents picked us up at the airport and we ended up in an awesome condo. The girls, Liz, Fiona, Kelsey and I went out to the beach that night. It was seriously out of a Sandals commercial. We walked into the water, looked up at the moon and saw some high school kids get busted for underage drinking. It was like a dream. As we walked back to our condo, another group of kids asked if we had any marijuana. Clearly they are going far in life. (I’m not giving a case against marijuana use but against idiots who ask people they don’t know for marijuana…seriously?)

Lesson: Think before you speak.

I was just shocked when those kids asked us that. They were a distance off too. Maybe they heard us swearing? I don’t know…does that mean we have weed? Maybe they saw us pushing each other into the sand? Does that mean we are high? I don’t know but bottom line is..Those people were just stupid especially because there were cop cars just 500 feet away talking to the underage drinkers.

Sooo that was the first day of vacation…Continuing on to Saturday which happened to be L’s 21st Birthday. Where do four girls go on an Island meant for people age 50 and up? The Irish Pub! There was a staggering 10 people there when we arrived. Liz was supposed to turn 21 at midnight and Kelsey wasn’t even 21 yet. We kindly informed our waiter of this and in true Irish style he said, “Don’t worry about it.” Liz ordered her Guinness, Fiona her Blue Moon and I had a Samuel Adams. The bartender tried to coax Kelsey into a beer but he didn’t understand the “I can’t.” She’s gluten intolerant…

Lesson: The Irish are hospitable.

After that night, I have a lot of respect for my Irish roots. I’m a large mix of everything but it almost made me want to adopt Irish culture completely. Learn some recipes, visit my homeland, drink some beer. Sounds like a good time to me.

There ended up being live music from a traveling Irish folk singer. AWESOME. She then found out it was Liz’s birthday and had her come up and play this percussive stick instrument with a can on top. Pretty fancy. All of us were then called onto the stage after they discovered my name was Sarah. We proceeded to sing a song that had several verses like this one…

Sarah, Sarah sitting in a shoe shine shop.

Sarah, Sarah sitting in a shoe shine shop.

All day long she sits and shines.

All day long she shines and sits.

Sarah, Sarah sitting in a shoe shine shop.

Fiona gave a nice “Fuck fuck fuck” upon giving up on her verse. I believe her line was “All day long she flips and tucks.” Well the bar closed before midnight so we didn’t even get to Liz’s birthday so we had to fine somewhere to celebrate at the stroke of midnight.

Lesson: Don’t tell the entertainment your real name.

…Apparently there could be a song they will make you sing. It was a damn good time though so I didn’t mind so much

We went to a place that is an Italian restaurant during the day and dance club at night. Clearly, it was going to be fantastic. Upon arrival, there were about 15 people…there seemed to be high concentrations of 20-30 year old people on Marco island (understand that is complete sarcasm). We went into the bathroom as a girls do. We also took a picture…again…as girls do. It was at this point I remember placing my phone on the counter. We went out and danced for a while. Some guy went into the middle of our group. We proceeded to ignore him. Sigh..the class of the club. There was also a lovely 60 year old man dancing with a 20 year old. A lady gave us the scoop that he’s there every weekend trying to dance with the young ladies. What is up with that?! Every dance club I have been there has had that loner old man. What do they expect from us?! I could probably grind up on an old man if I was drunk but do people actually go home with them. ugh…Those guys have high expectations of beer goggles.

Lesson: Don’t go home with the creepy old loner man at the club.

explains itself…

Anyway…upon leaving that spectacular dance club, I realized I didn’t have my phone. It was no where to be found..not at the bar, our booth or in the bathroom. My conclusion is that it was swiped. My first night out in Marco Island and my phone has decided to do a vanishing act. Oh joy.

Lesson: Loosing your phone is not the end of the world.

Truly, losing contact with everyone over spring break was the best thing ever. I could go on a bike ride and no one would bother me. I didn’t have to ruin conversation by texting. I haven’t had my phone for over a week and being back in the real’s a little more difficult but I seriously love not having a phone. I might turn it off a little bit more regularly. I don’t need to be able to communicate with people 24/7. If I’m spending time with someone, I am completely focused on them. No one likes to be ignored for a text message. This is one of the lifestyle changes that goes along with my frugality lesson.


Stay tuned for a larger accident that occurred on my spring break…

Mistakes has a wonderful tutorial about how to start your first blog. It’s suggestion is to have a theme to revolve around. I wanted to just talk about my life but since mistakes seem to be fairly prominent in my life, I have found a convenient theme.

I strongly believe that mistakes have the best lessons. There are some lessons that I haven’t learned from yet and some that I know very well.

Don’t think this blog will be all serious. I make pretty ridiculous mistakes.

Within this past week, I have lost my phone, left my mom’s narcotics at Goodwill (to go back and find it), left my lights on in my car causing it to die, lost the key to our hotel, and more.

I hope you will enjoy what is to come as much as I will enjoy telling you about it.

Let the mistakes begin…