Let’s Talk About Sex.

Yes…I knew that would catch some of your attention.

Well if you don’t know, I’m in nursing school. I just began my OB/GYN rotation. oh joy.

We experienced orientation this week. It consisted of watching some very informative films. The first of which was titled…The History of Birth. Conclusion: It was a nightmare and will haunt me forever.

Ever wonder how the birthing process has changed over the years? Well, let me enlighten you.

  • They used to crush bed bugs and put them in your vagina to stimulate birth. They also thought blowing scented smoke would be helpful…sound pleasant?
  • There was a belief that the uterus was an unattached organ that could travel around in the body. It was thought that when it bounced around inside the body, women became hysterical.
  • Men used to be forbidden to witness women give birth. Apparently, a man dressed up as a woman in the 1800s to be able to watch. He was discovered and burned at the stake….
  • They also showed all the wonderful tools they used to use to get a baby out when it was stuck with some nice ominous organ tones. They were trying to set the mood I suppose.
  • Last but not least..the dreaded forceps. The routine procedure began to use chloroform to knock out the mother and just pull the baby out with forceps..


Anyway…The next video is the one we’ve been waiting for…Vaginal birth.

Let me sum it up for you: There’s a lot of screaming, moaning, and pushing. The vagina opens obscenely large for a baby to be pushed through. The husband was quiet and horrified most of the time. The absolute worrsstt part…after the head was out..the doctor looked like she was tugging and pulling the head in every which way to get the baby out. It was seriously disturbing but finally the baby was out and crying…sigh of relief.


next video: health assessment on a pregnant woman.

Cool things: figuring out the baby’s position from feeling the belly

Gross things: just anytime I see the speculum…I kind of freak out. If you don’t know what that is…

Your worst nightmare


Luckily, I have never had to experience one before…I think you are supposed to have regular visits to the gynecologist once you turn 18…woops. I’m not too upset.


Last but not least for our OB/GYN orientation: Sexual Education!!!

…which consisted of us talking about how we should talk about sexual education with clients. Pretty boring. Oh well.


Thanks for sticking through some of these wonderful subjects. I’m sure awkward moments are going to arise during this clinical rotation. I look forward to sharing.