Let’s Go Pitt!

Well this weekend I ventured back to my homeland of Pennsylvania. I was lucky enough to spend Friday night with my mom who recently broke her leg over the spring break (I’ve been meaning to tell that story but was so thrown by all the sex talk in class that it ended up taking priority…yes I know..I’m a great daughter.)

After a calm Friday night, I headed to Pittsburgh in the morning to have lunch with my high school YoungLife buddies. My high school YoungLife leader is one by the name of Josh Lucas. He’s awesome.

Exhibit A.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGaXw_Qg_X4

I would also recommend any of jlucas22 videos especially I’m on a Bike and anything with Rusty. (I’m also in a couple if you can find me.) Unfortunately, he announced at our lunch that he’s finally dating someone. In the words of Justin Bieber, “There’s going to be one less lonely girl.”

After my lunch, I hung out at Kevin, Isaac and Andy’s place watching the Jersey Shore reunion. I was very impressed with the civility they showed especially while comparing their tans.

I then walked to my first Glee Club concert!!! Unfortunately it focused on classical music except for some ending Beatles tunes and there was no dancing. The show Glee is all a lie. sigh…I guess I have to realize it’s not realistic eventually. Anyway, I went to support my wonderful friend Jared Wilson, president of the Pittsburgh Men’s Glee Club. Impressive. He is also going to Drexel University in Philly for his PhD. dannggg. If you never knew Jared Wilson, he is the one that originally made fun of my hands, my height, and me in general.  He’s created a wonderful introduction for me…Sarah Gore, she’s over 20 stories tall, she bathes in the great lakes, she jumps from continent to continent, she eats babies for breakfast! (Luckily, I now go to a school where 5’10” is normal) This is the essence of our relationship..

I headed back to my friend’s apartment for the PJ party. I didn’t feel like going to my car to get my PJs soo I was lame. We played some drinking games, danced, and I got to meet some of their friends and even Kevin’s girlfriend! Kevin and I were very tight in high school so I was surprised at this tidbit of information. I’m glad I got to catch up with these awesome people. The party was like any typical Calvin party. I was asked a lot about why I didn’t have a cup in my hand. Apparently that is very unusual. I played my share of drinking games but I had long drive in the AM. Erin unfortunately had work at 7am but that didn’t keep us from staying until 2am. We got to chat a little before we went to bed. She’s sooo amazing. I miss her.

Morning: I headed to Starbucks to see my younger friend Haley. We played in the marching band together. I can honestly say I would not be close to the person I am today without her. We got to catch up and we swapped some stories.

Last but not least…I had lunch with my old youth minister, Chris. He got horrendously lost and met me an hour after our arranged time. haha oh well. We chatted for a while. He’s getting his masters at Pitt Seminary right now and working at a winery. Pretty awesome to me. We talked about denominational differences and political assumptions in the church. He’s given me some amazing references for almost every job I’ve applied for. (Sorry I’m getting sappy…) He’s been one of the most influential people in my life. I did enjoy the waitress’s seizure-like reaction when he asked for some dessert to take home to his wife. eh…what can you do? People will make assumptions if a girl and a guy go out.

Anyway, I’m now safe and sound in Grand Rapids. I have Chicago this weekend…there are almost alwayyss interesting stories that come from a weekend there. Can’t wait!